Video: Usher – “Climax”

I gotta say, when Usher hits a high note he hits it good. Note the “Run Away” and “Separate” lines. Everybody still loves Raymond and this Timbererlakian track produced by frequent Santigold collaborator, Diplo, is no exception.

I can’t say this is the “climax” of Usher’s career since many lost respect for him as soon as he became Justin Bieber’s mentor, but it’s a decent song and he looks as youthful as he did in 2001’s “U Got It Bad” but with some scruff, and a gun.

One thought on “Video: Usher – “Climax”

  1. I agree with you that falsetto was fine. The hook of the song was fine. But if your going to make a video, and you’re a star like Usher, could you at least put a little money into it. There were so many shots of him in the car — bleh. So many shots of him in front of the house – bleh. So many shots of him going up the stairs – bleh. And when he’s singing individually in this small room could it be more – bleh. I like my music videos to be visually imaginative or at least interesting. It would just be best to hear the song without the video – bleh.


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