Elle Macpherson Digs Hole Of Ignorance On Howard Stern

Supermodel Elle Macpherson made some strange and offensive remarks on The Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning concerning Jewish stereotypes.

She said, “I have a 14 year old son, what do you think he thinks about right now?” 

After Howard joked about her sons seeing a nude modeling shot of her (weird) and then:

“I just think you’re being absolutely Jewish.” 

She took it even further by imitating an old Jewish mother, calling him “overprotective” and “nagging.” 

Stern said that he once saw his mother coming out of the shower and it scarred him and again she rudely answered:  “I can imagine, if she looks like you.”

 It was the WAY she said it and the fact that it wasn’t even a joke (or funny) AND Macpherson is not Jewish herself or a comedian.

There were no hard feelings between her and the veteran radio master but I’ve got her on my anti-semitic foreign watchlist and am not amused. It seemed to come out of nowhere.

2 thoughts on “Elle Macpherson Digs Hole Of Ignorance On Howard Stern

  1. I cannot believe the words that came out of that supermodels mouth. Elle never really isn’t scandal situations. But seriously, what was she thinking? She wasn’t thinking is the problem. She’s just started a new show, Fashion Star, and the last thing she needs is bad publicity. Or anything that would taint her image. Oh my, the stupid thing celebrities say.


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