The Human Centipede’s 500-Person Connection

Amsterdam-based horror director Tom Six‘s Human Centipede part III will feature a 500-person human centipede. If you haven’t seen the movies (I don’t blame you, I only saw 70% of the first) then I’ll explain. It means there’s going to be 500 people sewn together, ass-to-mouth.

Though The Human Centipede has a cult following, the sequel, Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) was panned (and banned) by nearly everyone. Is Six looking to beat his own record of 12?

He hinted on Twitter (an unverified account) that he is looking for a big-name actor to star.

Other sites mention the doctor from the first film and the copycat freak from the second uniting in Human Centipede 3. 

4 thoughts on “The Human Centipede’s 500-Person Connection

  1. Dude, weak. Six will never be taken seriously if he just keeps churning this guff out. I liked the original, ain’t seen 2 yet. What’s next HC4 with 1,000 people…


    1. Probably next yeah Six will have a centipede that stretches around the world, with some secret society of doctors that are in on it. He should worry less about topping what he last did and expand on the story/write a decent script like he did with the first movie.


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