Chris O’Dowd Defends Megan Fox

Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids, Friends With Kids) came to the defense of Megan Fox about three years too late, but A for effort.

In 2009 Fox infamously called Transformers director Michael Bay “awkward,” “Hitler,” “Napoleon” and “a nightmare.”

She was fired, supposedly by Steven Spielberg. Lord knows Michael Bay was too obsessed with her to do it himself.

He is, after all, the one who hand selected Fox for Transformers based on nothing more than her role as an uncredited extra in Bad Boys II.

Anyway, her This Is 40/Friends With Kids co-star told the Toronto Sun that he also hates Michael Bay and would never want to work with him. “I don’t know the ins and outs of it but it’s all down to having a fallout with Michael Bay, but who wouldn’t have a fallout with him?” 

“It’s one of the [most] sexist things I’ve ever seen. She called him an asshole. Well, he is a fucking asshole. She’s not the only one who has said that. Why has she been singled out?” I would never fucking watch his films, never mind go and act in them.”

Add O’Dowd to the list of celebs to defend Megan Fox’s sillinesss…Mickey Rourke, Leslie Mann (Apatow’s wife) and Diablo Cody.

This seems so random. Did he see her naked or something? Maybe it has to do with them swimming together for no apparent reason.

Megan did write a nice caption on her Facebook“On set of THIS IS 40 with Jason [Segel] and Chris…Two very handsome, very tall, VERY funny men.” You scratch my back I scratch yours?

The next time Michael Bay is looking for a sweet, doughy Irish man he’ll be shit out of luck, until he goes British/more famous and casts Simon Pegg.

2 thoughts on “Chris O’Dowd Defends Megan Fox

  1. He is a sleaze ball, I had a friend who was a stripper who was an extra on a movie of his and he always wanted to look down her shirt!


  2. Actually in filmmaking forums there is a great dislike for Michael Bay. This is hearsay, but it has been reported by crew that Michael will yell through a megaphones even if the crew member is only 3 feet in front of him. I believe in the movie The Abyss cast and crew wore shirts that read, “We survived a Michael Bay movie.”


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