Jonas Brothers Reality Coming Soon To E!

I’m sure that news of a Jonas Brothers reality show peaks your interests to the max. I’m not interested in giving my five readers a heart attack, so proceed with caution.

Headlines read “Move Over Kardashians” after word of a Jonas show on the E! Network hit the web. Sources call the Disney princesses prince’s show a “family” effort that is set in New York.

Nick Jonas (the one with diabetes) will probably be followed around as he performs on Broadway in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. 

Kevin (the elder one who ironically looks the most like a baby with sideburns) will likely be filmed with his wife, Danielle Deleasa. 

Who knows what that the serial dater (Joe Jonas) will be up to. Something about an apartment in Manhattan not to mention prowling the streets for naive strumpets.

4 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers Reality Coming Soon To E!

  1. those boys were molested from a very young age. just look at them funny and they prepare their hallways for you to throw your hotdog down…. i mean really. except the young one – he’s opening his other hallway……… ( )o( )


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