There Are People Who Get Paid To Sleep?

In a time when over  12.8 million Americans are unemployed and hundreds of people competing for a single entry-level job a list of the “8 Easiest Jobs On The Planet” feels like a slap in the face, Yahoo.

My uterus nearly fell out as soon as I saw that a travel site in China recently hired three people to assess thread counts, room service, wi-fi strength, slipper softness and room service at hotels throughout the nation.

Travelodge and other companies also hire people to test mattresses, which can pay six figures a year though most “pro sleepers” earn $1,500 a month. 

Other breezy jobs (that you’ll still never have) included chocolate testing, mansion sitting,  and captioning TV for the hearing impaired.

They deceivingly give that one the title “TV watcher” even though captioning live television requires lightning quick typing ability and great cognitive skills and certainly doesn’t seem as easy as eating chocolate or sleeping.

One thought on “There Are People Who Get Paid To Sleep?

  1. In order to work for close captioning you must be quick, listen to the slightest whispers, And be as accurate as possible. I do not see how they could classify that as an easy job.Who gets these jobs anyways. How does someone apply for them?


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