Megan Fox Ran Out Of Feet To Put In Her Mouth

This isn’t a post about Foxy having a foot fetish or anything, it’s about the very silly things she says in interviews.

Megan recently told Jalouse magazine“I live well with my image. I cannot complain. I would not trade my place with an unattractive girl.”

Shhhh, just shh. Of course you wouldn’t trade places with us dusty street urchins, you’re just not supposed to talk about it. I guess your mother, Anastasia Drizella Fox, never told you.

I hope the baby that you are rumored to be carrying isn’t ugly, and that you are never forced to switch places with it, in some kind of Freaky Friday-for-egomaniacs spinoff.

Oh man, these Jalouse pictures are strange. Maybe Google Translate is just being wonky but I made out something about dueling personalities and the word “dickmatized.” No joke, you try it. 

Go to the behind the scenes feature on Jalouse and copy and past that shit to GT, French to English. It says “The word ‘dickmatized’ means nothing to you? Contraction of ‘dick’ and ‘hypnotized.'” 

French people are scary. I too cry mascara tears when people dress me as an andro J-Crew mime.

6 thoughts on “Megan Fox Ran Out Of Feet To Put In Her Mouth

      1. I concede the field of battle, for I cannot hope to compete with replies of such wit, and such stunning command of the English language that the world has not seen since the likes of Oscar Wilde or Dorothy Parker. Well Done!


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