Burger King Menu Looks McFamiliar

Yesterday was a big day for fast-food-chain-of-the-past Burger King. No less than twelve menu items were added, which is the greatest amount since its opening in 1954.

Several new types of salads (like Chicken Apple and Chicken BLT) plus frappes, smoothies, seven-lettuce snack wraps (WTF) and breakfast burritos are among the choices. 

The change comes after the franchise was pushed from the number two spot to third, after Wendy’s and McDonald’s.

BK’s choice of honey mustard wraps, garden side salads, mango smoothies and mocha frappes seem very much like female-friendly options from their competition, specifically McDonald’s.

Steve Wiborg, president of the North American sector of Burger King said:

“Consumers wanted more choices, not just healthy choices, but choices they could get at the competition.”

[Random fact: Most grocery stores sell four different types of lettuce…romaine, red leaf, green leaf and iceberg]

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