Video: Gossip – “Perfect World”

Gossip have come a long way since their entry into the music world on 2000’s That’s Not What I Heard. Songs like “Got Body If You Want It” and “Where The Girls Are” helped establish them as a group with a singer as guttural as fellow WA Olympians Sleater Kinney.

The band began turning towards pop, heavily so for their previous album. Beth Ditto‘s solo EP drew nearly as many comparisons to Madonna as Lady Gaga. It may seem like a long departure from her “punk” roots, but Ditto has always been hugely into other genres. On working with Mark Ronson for A Joyful Noise (due May 22) she told NME:
“One of our most common bonds was that we both loved big voices, church voices. He loves country music, which is a big deal to me because, you know, in terms of things I love, country music is probably number one, then it’s punk and hip-hop.”
She said the album sounds “grown-up and sad.” Album artwork can be viewed on their Facebook page, along with a few photos from the shoot.

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