Daniel Craig Says ‘Skyfall’ Is Better Than His Other Crappy Bond Movies

It has officially been 50 years since the very first James Bond film, Dr. No, was released in 1962.

The third Bond film starring Daniel Craig and 23rd overall will make it to theaters in the fall, Craig calls Skyfall his best ever.

MTV visited the set in London and talked to villain Javier Bardem plus the blond knight himself, fresh off the Dragon Tattoo wagon. DC says:

“It’s great, it’s been awhile, and we’ve been planning this for a good couple of years now, gathering together, getting Sam Mendes on board, and then Sam casting such a great bunch of people, so I’ve been kind of itching to get going for a while.” 

Bond’s “relationship” with Silva, this round’s bad guy is said to be complex. Bardem says:

He’s not an easy guy, he’s not only a villain; it’s more than that, hopefully. It’s what we tried to achieve. I’m giving James Bond a hard time – that’s my job, that’s my duty.”

Craig used the words “bigger and better,” when asked  if he meant that in reference to his past Bond films he said, “I do, personally.”

I’ve never been able to get into any Bond movies. I think The Spy Who Shagged Me is more up my alley.

Maybe boatloads of whiskey would help. Someone tell me, what is the best Bond movie to watch if you don’t really like Bond movies?

You know how true fans of Steve Miller hate “Abracadabra,” but everyone else loves it? What is the Abracadabra of 007?

What do you think?

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