Hot Dogs + Pizza Hut = Bliss

I love writing about gross food. You’d think it would all be American like the KFC Double Down (chicken-on-chicken-on-bacon sandwich) or Sloppy Joe Sideshots but some of it is actually foreign.

Like pork and seaweed donuts at Asian Dunkin’ Donuts locations or the latest, hot-dog-stuffed pizza crust at Pizza Hut UK! There it is, amidst perfectly bland choices like Cheesy Bites, Hawaiian and Pepperoni. “Succulent hot dog sausage bursting from our famous stuffed crust.” 

Chelsea Lately’s Brad Wollack was right. It’s just a bagel dog with a pizza attached. Can’t say I wouldn’t try it. I would TRY and like it, I’m sure. That’s why they better keep it out of America.

2 thoughts on “Hot Dogs + Pizza Hut = Bliss

  1. This is the kind of food the Goverment wants you to eat. Be weary of fastfood, the Goverment supplies them with stuff to make you die sooner so they don’t have to pay for your retirement.


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