Snooki Is Craving Health Food? Hmmm…

In between tweeting photos of her cats and boyfriend Snooki took the time to discuss her baby, jovially responding to people who tell her that her baby is going to be the antichrist and sharing the information:

“I’m craving a lot of fruits! No fatty foods wohoo! I love being pregnant!” And “I love grapes.” 

When asked if she was craving pickles more than ever she replied, “Nope. Don’t want ’em.”

Could it be? The more junk food you eat while not pregnant the less you crave it when you’re knocked up? No, but I wish.

I’d become pregnant for a month or two and abort the damn thing. I’d basically be on a diet forever if I could repeat the process every few months. 

I met a crackhead at a party on Saturday who told everyone that she wanted to open up a clinic that would fix and neuter all the stray dogs of the world. She used the words “cut off their vaginas” and then applied it to humans as well.

Let me tell you, I almost jumped on the table. FINALLY, somebody who gets it. But I do not mean this about Snooki’s baby. The more Chilean volcanos in the world, the better. She’s a ball of manic fun with a great attitude. #NoJoke

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