Massive Butter Shortage In Norway And Denmark

Though I think the issue may be resolved by now (any Scandinavians want to inform me?) there was a huge shortage of butter in both Norway in Denmark around Thanksgiving time last year.

How did this happen? Something about the country still exporting delicious yellow bricks of fat during the shortage, plus heavy rains and cows not grazing properly leading to poor milk production.

The demand was so high that many people from surrounding countries like Sweden were arrested for smuggling. At one point two men were detained for trying to sneak 550 pounds of it into Norway to sell on the black market at skyrocketed prices. 

There was even an Audi R8 advertisement in the paper offering a pound of free butter with every car purchase. The situation is officially called “The Norwegian Butter Crisis.” Awww, my poor ancestors!

[Creepy butter dance video courtesy of Attack Of The Show and Lilith Studio’s YouTube channel]

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