Lindsay Lohan, More Talent Than Rosie O’Donnell? NEVAHH

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Michael Lohan lashed out at Rosie O’Donnell after she called Lindsay Lohan unfit to portray Elizabeth Taylor in the new Lifetime movie Liz & Dick.

“I feel very sorry for her, I think she needs a lot of help,” O’Donnell told a Today Show panel on Tuesday. “She needs a lot of time away. On ‘SNL’ it wasn’t as though she delivered, people watched expecting, hoping, wishing, but she needs a lot of help. I don’t think she’s right for the role, and I don’t think she’s capable at this point of doing what’s needed to portray that character, I think the interest level in her has waned significantly.”  

“The last thing she did good, she was 16.” Questionable grammar aside, she’s right. I can’t think of a worse fit. Elizabeth Taylor? Seriously. This is like casting Zac Efron as Michael Jackson in a biopic. Worse. 

Always the concerned father (that he might wither without the touch of a spotlight) Michael told TMZ, “Who the hell is Rosie O’Donnell to judge anyone, especially Lindsay, who has far more talent than Rosie ever had?”

“Lindsay’s talent isn’t limited to being a comedian or getting notoriety for adopting and raising a bunch of kids. Sure, [Lindsay] has her pitfalls, but she is 25, and how old is Rosie?”

Well, she’s 50 years old, for one, and happens to have starred in 44 movies and shows two of which happen to be A League Of Their Own and Sleepless In Seattle, two of the best movies of all time

She’s also a successful comedian and the former host of several (albeit poorly received) talk shows. No matter how much you dislike Rosie’s persona, you cannot call her unsuccessful without being wrong.

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