Grimes Brings ‘Genesis’ To Jools Holland

Grimes aka Claire Boucher is tearing up the nearly visible underground scene, whether it’s an invitation to SXSW, a performance on Later With Jools Holland, or continuous mentions on hipper, more informed blogs than mine.

The allure lies not in the buzz but in the genre, or the lack of genre. Her electro-ethereal pop sound wets the appetites of Ellie Goulding and Florence + The Machine fans alike.

The booming onstage keyboard and Macbook Pro music scene can do nothing but water the roots of people like Grimes, who color outside the lines of already brilliant DJs like Calvin Harris and Morgan Page. If it takes you longer than a moment to get into her live performance of “Genesis,” don’t fret.

I had to listen to Visions multiple times to “get it.” And when I did, I thanked the three-eyed Hindu gods for granting me the patience.

Be sure to watch the video for Boucher’s more accessible single “Oblivion,” as well.

What do you think?

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