Chelsea Handler Conducts Cringeworthy Interview With Alison Brie

As a regular viewer, I’m more than familiar with the sometimes unscripted, in-your-face interviewing carelessness of Chelsea Handler.

That doesn’t mean I was prepared for Community/Mad Men/Five-Year Engagement star Alison Brie to tell a story about her perversity at age seven.

We all know kids are perverts, but the topic of their unknowing sexuality or joking raunchiness is usually a taboo subject strictly limited to small gatherings of parents behind closed doors. Not national television. 

Maybe I’m uptight but this hot dog-related story made me uncomfortable and as usual, Chelsea did nothing to steer the topic in another direction.

Handler: “You’re a little dirty girl, were you dirty like this as a little kid?” 

Brie: “I used to do little dirty skits for my family. But that sounds inappropriate, for my family’s friends.

“My signature sketch was this commercial for edible wieners. And picture me 7-years old and I would just waddle out for the audience of our parents with this hotdog between my legs, under a trench coat. And I’d be like ‘Are you ever out on the street and you’re hungry, but you’re also a man and you have a wiener?’

Brie added that it was “very innocent” but I much preferred the discussion about imitating Emily Blunt’s accent or the essay she wrote.

[Brie contributed to the book Worst Laid Plans: When Bad Sex Happens to Good People where she writes about trying (and failing) to convert a gay man]

4 thoughts on “Chelsea Handler Conducts Cringeworthy Interview With Alison Brie

  1. Chelsea handler, sleeps with all the Black rappers and probably sleeps with that Mdget on her show Chewwy………


  2. There is nothing wrong with that, I would and have had a thress some with my girl friend and my sister. Sounds like this chick knows where its at also…


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