‘Lip Service’ Is L Word UK, But Without All The Man-Hating

Fans of Showtime’s now-defunct The L Word (and there are many, gay and straight) would do well to check out BBC Three’s Lip Service which focuses on the lives of three lesbians in Scotland.

Like The L Word, it centers mainly around the romantic and business aspects of these women.

Unlike The L Word, the main characters actually have male friends who, instead of being demonized versions of the gender, are as equally flawed as their female counterparts. 

Somehow the writers of the most popular lesbian drama (and possibly only, until now) managed to write off every single penis-having role as a vicious, manipulative cheater.

Shane’s father, for instance. Even the lovable nanny Angus becomes a tainted sod. And most loyal viewers like to write off the last two seasons as fan-written fantasy. Add-ons that painfully veered from the original feel of Ilene Chaiken’s masterpiece.

Lip Service, in all its normalizing glory, is just now entering its second season with the first beginning in late 2010. Watch episode one of season one HERE.

If you do happen to watch the show and are wondering what was up with that last episode, here’s an explanation (which contains spoilers) from creator Harriet Braun.

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