Amanda Bynes Can’t Stop Sideswiping

Amanda Bynes got into her third minor car accident on Friday.

The first in 2008 when she “made an unsafe turn” and was hit by another car.

The second you’ll remember from April 6 when she clipped a cop car. The pink-haired mugshot is hard to erase from memory.

I’m not even counting the time she was drunk texting and drove over a curb at a club in Hollywood on April 13.

On Friday night she sideswiped another car with her Range Rover at an intersection while trying to go around the vehicle. The man whose car was hit began following her on top of calling the police.

Bynes played dumb after the law finally caught up with her (a helicopter was even dispatched) and was not arrested or given a citation. 

This reminds me of when my family couldn’t get my grandpa to stop driving, but at least he drove slow and only held up traffic, instead of pinballing into every car in sight. Someone needs to intervene.

Is the amount of past infractions not taken into account? I guess she’s forgiven as long as isn’t vehicular manslaughter a factor.

What do you think?

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