Does Anybody Still Play ‘Draw Something?’

The rags-to-riches story of developers OMGPOP may in fact be a rags-to-riches-to-rags story, or rather for Zynga – the company that spent $20 million for their hit app Draw Something.

Now their stock is plummeting and there’s a vast decrease in active players.

A report by Appdata shows that 14 million were drawing and guessing up a storm in April and by May those numbers had dropped to 9.2 million.

And I know why, this game has no staying power. It’s really fun and gimmicky for a few weeks or months but after a while it starts to feel repetitive and sometimes frustrating. I stopped playing because it stressed me out too much… 

It felt like my shaky ill-fitting finger sketches weren’t THAT hard to guess despite quality but people were just too dumb to get it.

Even when you buy the premium version you often end up left with the same draw options over and over. Dracula, Lady Gaga, Simba, crab, wedgie, Snooki, desk, Justin Bieber… sound familiar?

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