Kevin Pereira And Adam Sessler Leaving G4

There’s only one channel you turn to for video game news and reviews, and that is G4, specifically X-Play and Attack Of The Show. Now the two most important faces of the two most important technology shows are parting ways.

Adam Sessler, who has already departed due to contractual disputes, has been involved with G4 since its old format ZDTV and “Gamespot TV” in 1998. He was also the editor-in-chief of gaming content.

News broke that Kevin Pereira would be leaving Attack Of The Show on Tuesday, May 9. He began working for the network as an off-screen production assistant in 2002 who received airtime on Attack by 2006.

Pereria has seen the entry and departure of Sarah Lane and Olivia Munn (who went on to write a book and star in the NBC sitcom Perfect Couples). Current co-host Candace Bailey joined in 2011 and will presumedly continue after he leaves on May 31.

I have been watching both shows for several years now and will miss Kevin Pereira especially. He is a great talent with excellent (slightly self-deprecating) comedic timing and interviewing skills.

The lack of Sessler’s in-depth reviews, appearances on The Golden Mullet Awards, and Game Break will also leave a hole in my chest.

Pereira took to his blog, writing that he intents to sharpen his producing skills. He partnered with Super Creative which has “a few television shows in the works” including ono on SyFy.
He took to Twitter to write “Still reeling over reactions to my departure from @aots. I’m touched by the support and honored by everyone’s appreciation. Thank you.”
Adam also responded in April, Tweeting “Thank you to everyone with your exceedingly kind wishes and thoughts. I think I’ll finally take a nap…”

6 thoughts on “Kevin Pereira And Adam Sessler Leaving G4

  1. Doesn’t anybody remember when it was Screensavers, before Pereira invaded and G4 took over? I enjoyed Kevin Rose 1000x more than I could handle even hearing Pereira. I hope Sessler can find some work though, he’s a good guy and needed to get out of there.


  2. I thought Olivia Munn sucked. Kevin was the whole show and its his humor which made this show one of my favorites. Lets hope they try to replace him with anyone that will make up for that southern repulican jesus freak candace bailey. But I doubt they will find anyone with the quick wit that kevin has.


    1. I don’t think Candace is a Republican, or a Jesus freak? She’s from the South, but that doesn’t mean she’s some sheep-humping, fundamentalist Christian who shoots squirrels with a semi-automatic rifle in her spare time.


  3. I only watch G4 for AOTS, I do miss Olivian Munn, though she was my favorite part of the show, the new girls on there are pretty good, But replacing Kevin, will be a hard thing to do.


  4. I miss the old days when g4 looked like it was filmed in their grandma’s basement. Ah! good old Tina Wood, Laura Foy, Tommy Tallarico, and Cory Rouse. Now whenever I turn it on they are showing Cheaters or Cops.


    1. I try to avoid G4 unless it’s 4:00, otherwise it’s too random… Campus PD, Cops, American Ninja Warrior, Cheaters and an occasional Wolverine anime.


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