Pregnant White Women Can’t Give Up Cigarettes

Just because I compare babies to earwigs and think being pregnant is a horrible curse, doesn’t mean I believe in filling the lungs of an unborn child with smoke.

According to a national survey by the Mental Health Services Administration, 1 in 5 caucasian women who are with-child will smoke cigarettes – which is far more than black or hispanic women.

The study looked to correlate the use of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes between different races during their pregnancies.

Don’t kill the messenger delivering the potentially inaccurate information, but it also states that pregnant black women were more likely than other races to use illicit drugs. 

Hispanic women seem to be in the clear, smoking less cigarettes than the nicotine-addicted white women and doing less drugs than the African-American mothers-to-be.
I had a pregnant friend whip out a cigarette and begin smoking right in front of me. When I gave her a weird look, she explained to me that all cigarettes do is decrease the baby’s weight, which equals less stress on her vagina during birth.

[The people I know are SO smart]

2 thoughts on “Pregnant White Women Can’t Give Up Cigarettes

  1. To answer the “quitting” question, one would need to know the same statistics for non-pregnant women in each demographic.


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