‘Breasts: A Natural And Unnatural History’ Book

When I see the word “breast” and “natural history” in one sentence I think, ‘oh, the natural history museum of boobs, where is that again? New York, closed Thanksgiving and Christmas day, open daily at 10 a.m.?’

Sad news for the male population, there is no American Museum Of Natural Breast History, but there is a new book about the evolution of the things called Breasts: A Natural And Unnatural History by Colorado-native Florence Williams.

The author delves into sexuality, plastic surgery, cancer, general evolution, and effects during puberty and menopause. And come on, it’s an entire book inadvertently made for 10 year-old boys to laugh and blush at, at least until they open it and realize the words are too big.

In this work of non-fiction we also learn that breast milk “contains substances similar to cannabis” and is sold on the internet for “262 times the price of oil.” So your husband and/or boyfriend will siphon your milk and replace his bong water with it?

Guess where this video was shot? NOT Portland but Boulder, Colorado…

The only other place where people like that exist in large groups, constantly torturing my sensitive nose with the armpits they rub lavender and patchouli into every morning instead of deodorant.

Author’s website. Book on Amazon.

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