Everclear To Headline ‘Summerland Tour With Sugar Ray, Plus The Bitter Tale Of A Scorned Fan

A select group of people just had a post-grunge pre-emo orgasm. Everclear are officially headlining a 90’s and early 2000’s themed concert with Sugar Ray playing before them, followed by Lit, Gin Blossoms and Marcy Playground.

I guess The Offspring, Third Eye Blind, Presidents Of The USA, Local H and Eve 6 were busy. Personally I don’t think Sugar Ray or Marcy Playground fit here.

Mark McGrath with songs like “Fly” and “Every Morning” seems much more pop than rock and Marcy Playground only had one hit in “Sex And Candy.”

I have beef with Art Alexakis, frontman of Everclear. I’m a huge fan, especially Sparkle And Fade and So Much For The Afterglow, but the Summerland Tour is not coming to Oregon or Washington, odd considering Art lived in Portland for over a decade. 

Secondly, I once spotted him walking around in black bell-bottoms near my old apartment in the partial ghetto of NE, near Lloyd Center mall. My friend and I followed him in hopes of getting an autograph but he quickly disappeared into a Range Rover.

In a strange twist of fate, we saw him the very next day, this time inside the actual mall with his daughter. I got his signature and shyly said that I’d seen him play at the now defunct Medford Armory (it was my first concert ever) right before he called me “honey” and made me feel like I was 12.

To be fair, I was 18, and now that I look back on that age, there isn’t a big difference in maturity. That’s all fine and dandy, my real issue is his dismissal of Portland and seeming disgust for the place.

I told my previous editor at CWG Magazine (also defunct) that Art embodies the town and how everyone here has a story about him. Whether they saw him at a bar back in the day or worked at Fred Meyer when he was inquiring about Entourage DVDs.

Jim (my editor) who lives in LA conducted an interview with him and mentioned that one of his writers (me) said he’s like “Mr. Portland.” To that suggestion he scrunched his nose and distorted his face.

Fast-forward this video to the 7:57 minute mark you’ll see it happen before your eyes.

Also, Art Alexakis notoriously refused to allow local bands to open for Everclear once they got big, even though those very groups did so for him. Specifically Heatmiser, Pond, and Hazel.

AND he called Louise Post and Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt fat in a radio interview. Hrmph.

I still love the music (or my memory of the music, everything besides the replaced drummer and bassist and acoustic covers of “Heroin Girl”), but I can’t let these minor details go.

I think he owes me a definite concert in Oregon and free tickets, or else he will forever be Clint Eastwood-style Unforgiven.

2 thoughts on “Everclear To Headline ‘Summerland Tour With Sugar Ray, Plus The Bitter Tale Of A Scorned Fan

  1. From what I know of him, I thought he was suppose to be clean and sober for the past two decades. Both him and the interviewer seem stoned as fuck. Look at their eyes and slurred speech…. That is fucking crazy…


    1. Gwen, we do need to get drugs out of these people like in this video. You can join the Republican, party in your distric. We muct get Obama, out of the White house.


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