Trailer: The Amazing Spider-Man (4 Minute Preview)

If you’ve ventured onto the internet in the past few months or been to the movie theater you have likely seen a preview for the new Spider-Man movie (out July 3) starring real-life couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Here’s an extended preview of the movie, shown during America’s Got Talent on Monday (it’s just more of that bridge scene). 

I would say I can’t decide which summer movie I’m most excited about, this, The Dark Knight Rises or Prometheus but you must know the answer by now…

PROMETHEUS! Charlize, Noomi and Fassbender. Come on, Alien is basically my favorite movie of all time, anything even relating to it and I’m going to disregard everything else in existence.

If it lets me down, expect the angriest, most incoherent review ever. You wouldn’t like me understand me when I’m angry.

What do you think?

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