Basketball Humor, Featuring Justina Bieber

Take a second to examine the picture and the text. You get it? Good. Now laugh or I forbid you to visit my page in the future and condemn you to a life of dung-shoveling solitude.

Just shows that one out of two girls will get into the game. P.S. I did think of this, I saw it on Facebook the other day but fixed the writing since it said “finals” instead of “playoffs.” 

First of all, the semi-finals are in progress right now, second of all, this was Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez a Lakers vs. Spurs game pre-playoffs. Still inaccurate. Still funny.

2 thoughts on “Basketball Humor, Featuring Justina Bieber

  1. nOTHing wrong with this playa, he be grovving a new tune. I like his style playa knows best.


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