Rihanna – Through The Four Eyes Of Terry Richardson

I’m seeing an abundance of google type-ins for “Rihanna by Terry Richardson” coming up on search engine references for my page and I know it’s just because I happen to have loads of Rihanna articles and several separate ones that involve A-list photographer Terry Richardson.

I figured I’d just put them on here, even though they’re from May 9th. And before you say it, it’s not just because I like Rihanna okay!? The Google searches are real.

I’m sick of my friends laughing at me when I suggest going to see her in concert. Bastards.

Anyway, the only real information on these gloriously American black and white butt-flashing pictures is that they were taken at his studio after a shoot for a new VitaCoco Coconut Water commercial. Enjoy!

[Has anyone else disassociated umbrellas with rain-protection because of her?]

What do you think?

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