Set Your DVRs – ‘Piranhaconda’ Is Coming To SyFy!

The SyFy channel never fails to disappoint. They’re very reliable in that they always know the exact formula for making shitatiously bad original movies that are simply so-bad-they’re… Well, bad.

In the past, they’ve brought us works of art like Dinoshark, Swamp Devil, Sharktopus, Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid, Flu Bird HorrorMongolian Death Worm, and Frankenfish. The latest is another hybrid creature feature  – Piranhaconda.

You know it’s good because it stars Michael Madsen, a former beauty queen (Shandi Finnessey, Miss Missouri 2002), and 42 year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Rachel Hunter. 

At least writer Mike MacLean has a sense of humor about his half-anaconda half-piranha creation, when asked by Shock Till You Drop what his ultimate movie would be if there were no budget limitations he responded:

“That’s a tough one. I think a mega-budget creature feature would lose some of its sense of fun. Instead of spending the budget on effects, I’d drop it on casting, packing the film with famous, classically trained British actors.”

“Imagine Jeremy Irons announcing that, ‘Sharktopus wants your virgins.’ Or picture Piranhaconda crushing a screaming Dame Judi Dench before devouring her bikini-clad corpse.”

Piranhaconda airs June 16, 2012. Don’t miss their other farce, June 9th’s Jersey Shore Shark Attack, starring Joey Fatone, Tony Sirico, and Paul Sorvino.

What do you think?

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