Britney Spears Still Loves Diet Coke And Chicken

A list of Britney Spears’ X-Factor list of backstage demands for her dressing room and apparently, mini-picnic has been released. Here are the items, in all their transparent albino trash glory…

  • 34 Herve Leger dresses (made of stretchy fabric)
  • 12 Snickers bars
  • 6 cases of Diet Coke
  • 10 bags of Doritos
  • 12 vases of magnolia blossoms
  • 4 pints of potato salad
  • 10 pieces of chicken

I would say that I couldn’t make this up if I tried, but it’s really not that unpredictable. 

This is the woman who drove around with her baby on her lap with no seatbelt as if she was floating on a hay bale in daddy’s pumpkin patch.

The one who doesn’t put on shoes for her daily Slim Jim adventures to the convenience store! The lady who was booted out of Pepsi sponsorship because she kept drinking Diet Coke, even when her people offered to fill the Pepsi cans with Coke…

And for the record, this is exactly what my list would look like, except there’d be Sour Patch Kids Extreme instead of Snickers.

The only thing that seems out of place has to be the magnolia blossoms, but maybe she needs them to cover the lingering scent of chicken and chocolate Dorito dust?

[Random fact: at one point Trent Reznor asked that two boxes of corn starch be on hand backstage at his NIN concerts, in case he got stuck in his leather pants]

One thought on “Britney Spears Still Loves Diet Coke And Chicken

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