Beyonce Excluded From Maxim Hot 100, Again

“The definitive list” of the world’s sexiest women has left out Beyonce, for the I don’t know how manyieth time. Actually I do know because I just checked and she has been absent for the last three years.

In 2009 she was included, number 52 in fact, which makes me wonder…

What did she do to anger the Maxim editors? I’m thinking they recently asked her to be on the cover and she rudely shunned them.

She waved her diva finger, said “No No No” and cited some devout Christian hoohaw about lewd magazines. Really I have no clue, but if Amanda Knox, Stephen Colbert, and Lois Griffin are there, Mrs. Carter should be too.

Women of color who weren’t given the cold shoulder: Rihanna, Zoë Saldaña, Nicki Minaj, La La Anthony, and Eddie Murphy’s daughter, Bria. 

[Random fact: Beyonce was on the cover of Maxim in 2002 to promote Goldmember. She was also on the German edition in 2006, wearing a dress]

What do you think?

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