Tyler Shields And Francesca Eastwood Burn $100,000 Handbag

Clint Eastwood’s 18 year-old daughter Francesca, star of E!’s Mrs. Eastwood & Company and her high-profile photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields have collaborated on a series where they lit a $100,000 red crocodile Hermes Birkin on fire.

Shields, the controversy pot-stirrer known for his Heather Morris black eye and Mischa Barton steak pictures, which pissed off  PETA and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, is now angering fashionistas.
On these handbag pyro and chainsaw images with his girlfriend (Eastwood) he writes, “Destruction is a beautiful version of freedom…Would you want this bag? Are you sad to see me destroy it?” Why am I so mad (not sad) to see something worth that much go up in flames? It’s a waste yes, but it’s also a material object, worth an amount of money that I will probably never possess at once…

Me not having the money would be happening whether that bag was hung over some woman’s shoulder or in this reality, where it’s burnt to hell. Art decimation in the name of art? Am I getting it?
[If this made you mad check what Tyler did to these Christian Louboutin’s, the $1,000 precursor]

“Never let an object own you.”

4 thoughts on “Tyler Shields And Francesca Eastwood Burn $100,000 Handbag

  1. It is wrong to burn someting so expesive. I work for 9dollars an hour now. And I could use this bag to sell on ebay!


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