Paparazzi May Have Battery Case Against Justin Bieber [PHOTOS]

Filing a battery case against Justin Bieber is like a complaining that the old folks at the nursing home sexually assaulted you. It’s plausible, but how would they catch you? Why didn’t you just move? Did you want to be attacked? 

I say this because the photographer who was “assaulted” by Justin Bieber in Calabasas might have a case against him. Girlfriend Selena Gomez witnessed it, but both stars were gone by the time the police got there.
The paparazzi complained to police/the ambulance that he called of torso pain. TMZ reports that witnesses mention a lawyer approaching the cameraguy, telling him that he could get “a lot of money” out of the altercation.

Justin was wearing one purple shoe and striped green socks right before the “fight” and was seen getting boxing tips from Mike Tyson just days before.
From these pictures of the incident I see that it went down like this – the pap was taking pictures of the Biebs putting on his shoes, which Justin didn’t like, so he walked over to him and yelled at him.Selena picked his hat off the ground as he walked away and noticed tears running down her boyfriend’s face. Sexy.
Why do all tiny dogs think they’re big?

2 thoughts on “Paparazzi May Have Battery Case Against Justin Bieber [PHOTOS]

  1. If I made as much money as him rather then the 9hr 15 hour job a week I make I would by the paparzzi lunch……….


  2. Poor Justin has to be so stressful being followed all day. I did not see what happened, but more likely is that the paparazzi is taking advantage of the situation


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