Who Could Possibly Play Pennywise In Stephen King’s ‘It’ Besides Tim Curry?

Hollywood is running out of movies to remake, especially in the horror department. We’ve revisited the obvious – Texas Chainsaw MassacreFriday The 13th, Halloween and Psycho. To the slightly less obvious choices of The Wicker Man, Sorority Row, The Thing (a remake of a remake) and My Bloody Valentine.

One movie destined for the revamp treatment was Stephen King’s It, which originally aired as a TV movie on ABC. It was low-budget and half-assed, despite Tim Curry’s memorable performance as the ancient manifestation of fear in Derry, Maine.

The book, which is just over 1,000 pages long, would be nearly impossible to capture on film in just two hours so it’s good that new director Cary Fukunaga (2011’s Jane Eyre, Sin Nombre) will be splitting it into two movies. It part I and part II, I assume.

Chase Palmer will write, but no details have been released on principal actors. Who do you think should play Pennywise the clown?  It needs to be someone in the 30-60 age range, not too in or out of shape…

I volunteer Paul Giamatti and Cillian Murphy as tribute. Also Check out Bullett’s list of 5 Actors Who Could Play Pennywise where Tim Robbins, William Dafoe, and Jackie Earle Haley were suggested.

No word yet on whether or not the movie will follow the book closely enough to include the controversial scene where the child members of “The Losers Club” have sex with Beverly (it won’t).

3 thoughts on “Who Could Possibly Play Pennywise In Stephen King’s ‘It’ Besides Tim Curry?

  1. Paul Giamatti? that’s a ridiculously stupid choice. woe. way to crap all over this film before it even begins. Giamatti is such a wussy & irritating little chunk of a man. gross.


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