Sandusky’s Gut-Wrenching Nickname, Ronald Scheffler’s Equally F-cked Mistake

A 6th victim in the Jerry Sandusky‘s trial testified on Thursday that in 1998 (when he was 11) the former Penn State coach called himself the “tickle monster” as he came towards him in a naked embrace.

68-year-old Sandusky is being charged with 52 counts of abuse over a span of 15 years, with a total of 10 victims.

Victim 6’s case is unique because it was the first investigation into Sandusky as a child molester, all of 14 years ago.

Scheffler never followed up after Sandusky admitted to showering with many children, though he did indicate to the district attorney at the time that they might have enough of a case to file charges. 

He also said that he heard Sandusky apologizing to the victim’s mother, saying the words: “I wish I could ask for forgiveness. I know I won’t get it from you. I wish I were dead.” 

This grinning psychopath (that’s a picture of him arriving at court last Monday) could’ve been locked up over a decade ago but nobody DID anything. Not the DA, the police, or the mother of the boy.

They all knew and they disapproved but nobody took any real action besides talking about it. Not until years later, when a true media circus could exist and he’d already molested at least 9 other boys.

So if child molesters go to hell, where do people who know about abuse but barely take any action go? Joe Paterno, Ronald Scheffler, Ray Gricar (the now deceased DA of 1998), Mike McQueary?

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