This Is What It Looks Like When Francesca Eastwood And Tyler Shields Fornicate

Controversial photographer Tyler Shields and Francesca Eastwood (Clint’s daughter) seem to think of themselves as modern day versions of James Dean and Natalie Wood.

He posted a video of them kissing to Radiohead’s ultra sexy “Talk Show Host” on his website with the line, “There is nothing hopeless about being romantic!” And the question, “Ever Been in love?”

All I could think about was Dina Eastwood’s smooshed face of disapproval (their relationship is chronicled on Mrs. Eastwood & Company) and that this is exactly what it looks like right before they fornicate.

Tyler’s second book, Richest Man, came out last month. Here’s what one Amazon reviewer said abut it:

“I think a middle-school boy wrote this after he heard Death Cab for the first time and wanted to be really kewl and artsy and original and instead emitted poop onto his moleskine.”

Even though I don’t get “Moleskine” or “Moleskin” in that context and I respect him as an artist, that’s pretty funny.

[In other celebrity daughter news… Here’s Paulina Gretzky giving the Stanley Cup a yeast infection.]

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