Young Katy Perry Followers – No Worse Than Christina, Britney Or Madonna Fans?

Underage girls (and boys) will mimic almost anything that they like or see other people enjoying without really knowing what it means. For instance, this preteen Katy Perry fan at the MuchMusic Video Awards, pictured to the far left.

While I was fairly shocked at first to see someone so young with cupcakes stuck to their tanktop, I remembered that when I was in 8th grade a girl three years younger than me dressed up like Jasmine from Aladdin and bellydanced to “Genie In A Bottle.”

That was just as, if not more disturbing, than this picture. My point isn’t that it’s okay, but that it’s nothing new. 

Madonna fans long before the 90s were wearing cone bras and lip syncing to “Like A Virgin,” and Britney, Miley and Gaga fans followed with equal pole dancing sequined bra-wearing inappropriateness.

Are Disney movies the true culprits (what little girl doesn’t idolize her two-piece-wearing princess Barbie because of Jasmine?) or is Madonna the originator of all smut?

[Both wrong, it’s Marilyn Monroe.]

4 thoughts on “Young Katy Perry Followers – No Worse Than Christina, Britney Or Madonna Fans?

  1. @Holly did you really come out fine?? Let’s be honest? jk @Joanna I think kids should look up to whoever is moral not specific people or specific people of certain occupations. Moms can be crack head whores, store clerks can be ugly, lazy , and thieves…………your mailman? Really? monster calves and a mundane occupation. lol


  2. Well, I looked up to Brittney and others and I turned out fine. No one wants to look up to the Mailman or Milkman, you perve!


  3. I’m a pre school teacher and don’t think these girls should look up to these celebrities. This is a reason why we have teen pregnancy and drug use. They should look up to their moms, store clerks, people who are their for them. Your mailman.


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