Mediocrity to the Rescue!

Apparently, we’ve reached the point where we heap praise on celebrities when they act like decent human beings. I guess we just don’t expect very much of them, nor should we.

Celebrities, by and large, and regardless of industry, are egocentric megalomaniacs. They’re shameless self-promoters. But they have to be.

It’s the very nature of the industry they’ve chosen to reward only the most outlandish, most newsworthy (whether good or bad) people. I guess that’s why it’s so shocking when we hear about celebrities doing genuine good. A story about Johnny Depp tipping $4000 on a $400 check is just as shocking to our sensibilities as Britney Spears stiffing her waitress on a $251 bill.

What I’m saying is we don’t, as a society, expect a whole hell of a lot from celebrities. We don’t even really punish them for being complete assholes.

With all that in mind, E! is calling Jennifer Lawrence a hero for waiting with an unconscious woman until the police and paramedics arrived. She didn’t really DO anything. She’s not even the one who made the 911 call.

Look, I’m not going to shit on her here. She did a nice thing for someone who more than likely got drunk and passed out on the grass. We’ve all been there. Next time I pass out drunk I hope someone nice like Jennifer Lawrence shows up and not any of my asshole friends.

If it were any of them they’d have drawn penises all over my face and updated my Facebook status to say I like taking it in the ass from burly bikers in the bathrooms of dockside bars.

What do you think?

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