New Documentary ‘The Mechanical Bride’ Is A Non-Fiction ‘Lars And The Real Girl’

Allison de Fren’s documentary, The Mechanical Bride, focuses on the men who turn to the socially taboo – non-human “women” who are the creations of men and used as their (often sexual) companions.

Call them real dolls, fembots, robots, blow-up dolls, mechanical brides, Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s all loosely the same thing. A phenomenon that has to do with both control and a person’s lack of certain skills that would allow them to easily meet people. 

The Mechanical Bride, which borrows its title from a Marshall McLuhan bookdelves into all of it. There’s a broken love doll hospital in it. You wouldn’t want to miss that, would you?

[Check out some fascinating stills from the movie HERE.]

One thought on “New Documentary ‘The Mechanical Bride’ Is A Non-Fiction ‘Lars And The Real Girl’

  1. Your fascinating article of some rather bizarre relationships reminds me of my post.
    Posted on June 5, 2012l

    I, Lady Lynda am most distressed at my love’s betrayal of our oath of fealty.It’s me darlings,: When Miss Wanda Lust told me my gentleman friend, Seymour Toze, was making out with that disgusting Plastic Patty I immediately took the trolley to my beau’s abode. I stopped at his stop.Then I Rushed to his door, breathless, determined for justice. I furiously knocked. No response. Then recalled his habit of leaving the door unlocked.I turned the doorknob and voila there I was in his foyer. Can you imagine the shock I felt I saw him in corpus delecti, intimately cavorting with that hussie Plastic Patty. She was so passive. She didn’t lift a finger to stop him. I took the matter into my own hands or should I say my feet. I was wearing my silver and black diagonally striped leather open toed spiked heels. In my fury, I pushed Seymour off of her. Then I instantly climbed on top of I started stomping her with my spiked heels. My goal was to pound into her how I felt. I wanted to make her hurt even more then that disastrous session with the acupuncturist.
    I could literally feel her sinking feeling. Oh how I delighted when I heard her moans that slowing diminished into barely audible sighs. I felt like I was kicking the wind out of her. Then suddenly I felt my beau on top of me. He told me of his love for me. Next I knew I felt him sucking my ten succulent pretties. I experienced such mixed feelings. What I thought would teach him a lesson only made him want me even more. Yet I must confess thoroughly enjoyed what he was doing to me. I was so shamed yet simultaneously stimulated. Oh yes!


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