Jaden Smith Just Had To Make A Music Video

First Chris Brown dissed Drake and now this!? What is the gaseous world coming to? Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada, brother to Willow, has a new song called “Gonzoes.”

Apparently, the versatile child actor with a Kanye-like ego now fancies himself a rapper.

He just couldn’t stand being just involved with little old Academy Award-nominated movies (The Pursuit of Happyness) or blockbuster flops (The Karate Kid) that made a mere 55.6 million dollars at the box office in one weekend. 

AND he couldn’t not take a playful jab at his hair-whipping sister, calling her “weak:”

“Now Willow is the star, man, how weak is that? Pink hair, high socks, can’t compete with that.” What’s next? A Hancock diss?

His mom has more street cred, at least she danced with Tupac.

Here’s Will[ow] Smith’s reponse:

Your validation is just not that important to me!”

What do you think?

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