Liz Taylor Is Laughing In Her Grave As Lindsay Digs Herself A Shallow One

Do you hear that? Listen closely. It’s the sound of Elizabeth Taylor‘s partially decomposed corpse letting out a deep, booming, well-deserved laugh at Lindsay Lohan‘s expense.

See, Liz played Cleopatra in 1963 and was the original Princess Leia in the gold bikini, the first Farrah Fawcett pin-up. A national sex symbol who preceded everything with the exception of Marilyn Monroe.

The movie was actually an overpriced disaster, but people of today don’t remember that. They remember her hair, the half-smile on her face, the detail of her eye makeup…

Yeah, she lost it a little later in life with the seven husbands (twice to Richard Burton, once to Paris Hilton’s great-uncle) and the jewelry hoarding and the reclusiveness/health problems, but she had a legacy.

An acting career that spanned six decades, credited with over 55 movies, she was still humble about the way she was viewed by the public. She said, “I am not a sex queen or a sex symbol. I don’t think I want to be one.”

In 2004 Lohan told Rolling Stone “I don’t think of myself as a sex symbol, I look up to sex symbols,” as if she read a play-by-play book on sounding like someone who had a future.

Now, at 26, she’s blindly flailing for a legacy. Not even a legacy but a career of any kind. She was wandering around the set of Lifetime’s Liz & Dick smoking her feelings and playing 60’s superstar dress-up, but now that production has wrapped what will she do?

No one that I can think of has wanted to be a sex symbol more, and she succeeded at it for a brief second as Cady Heron in Mean Girls, and as herself sitting on an ice cube. Alas, these weak attempts to get that back do nothing more than make us wish she’d lay low for a while.

2 thoughts on “Liz Taylor Is Laughing In Her Grave As Lindsay Digs Herself A Shallow One

  1. Just caught your Blog, cuz of the Nash, story. But you have got some funny articles on here! Like your style. This article made me LOL at work! WOW SHE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE liz!


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