New Images From ‘The Hobbit’ Emerge, Will Make You Feel Even More Blasé

Ten photos from Peter Jackson‘s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey have been released via Entertainment Weekly. The movie, due out December 15 of this year, is Jackson’s first directing gig since 2009’s underwhelming The Lovely Bones.

I can’t say that these pictures, which come with quotes from the actors, reveal much that can’t be seen in the trailer. They do make me wonder if the two parts of The Hobbit will be improved in comparison to their predecessors that totally don’t hold up over time. 

I’m not saying that Guillermo del Toro would have done a better job because I don’t need to. It’s understood and known to all.

Jackson never enlists new talent because he thinks the old formula is the best formula.
Fran Walsh, a perfectly capable writer who has worked on at least 12 other projects with him, has been dragged along as well as Philippa Boyens, a six-time collaborator of his.

Peter Jackson: King Kong, The Frighteners, Return Of The King. Guillermo del Toro: Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, The Devil’s Backbone, Blade II. 
Jackson: loves CGI. Del Toro: hates it.

I want more than fun and entertaining. I want dark. Is an R-rating too much to ask for? And am I the only one who read the book and thinks Andy Serkis’ motion capture Gollum is cute but completely wrong?

6 thoughts on “New Images From ‘The Hobbit’ Emerge, Will Make You Feel Even More Blasé

      1. My dad (the whole reason I’m into Tolkien in the first place) says my “expectations were too high” for the Lord of the Rings films and that I’m not allowed to make any judgments about these until they come out.

        I reply with “Screw that, he’s 0 for 3 already, why would I want to give him my money two more times?!”

        Since we’re doing this group read, I’m planning on livetweeting a drinking game while I force myself to re-watch the LotR films. I’ll have to do it in sections, though, otherwise my liver will give up.


      2. hahahaha! My original game (that husband and I played) was just drinking every time someone said “ROHAN!” in TT. Obviously, since other people are joining in this time, I’m gonna have to step it up a bit.

        If we only watch an hour at a time, I’m hoping we’ll keep the alcohol poisoning to a minimum.

        Which reminds me, I need to get a post up asking for people to submit rules.


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