Claire Danes’ Pregnancy Will Not Affect ‘Homeland’

As much as I dislike the idea of having children myself and think it would be as pointless as clicking that you “like” inane pages like Walking, Nature and The Beach on Facebook, I’m fine with celebrities getting pregnant.

I like seeing how their bodies progressively deform and thinking how I’m happy that it isn’t happening to me. I even like when they lose the weight, great success, whatever. Claire Danes is now on that list…

Her rep confirmed the news to People. Her husband is Hugh Dancy (Adam, The Big C), making them one of the cuter and equally talented Hollywood couples.

My biggest fear was that the Showtime terrorist drama Homeland would somehow be affected and they’d have to make her CIA agent character pregnant (which might work since she’s kind of a slut) but apparently that is unlikely. 

The second season (she won a Golden Globe for the first) is already more than halfway done filming and a rep for Homeland told TVLine, “we anticipate no impact” on production.

Woot. No Carrie Bradshaw-style belly hiding scenes.

What do you think?

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