Penn State Tries To Cleanse Image, Starts With Locker Rooms

Penn State doesn’t want to be known as “Pedo State” and will do anything to make people remember them for something besides Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky. Their first step is renovating the football shower and locker rooms which are haunted by the screams of soapy children.

Good job guys, but it’s 14 years too late, as TMZ pointed out. You’re doing this for you, not for the parents or the children whose lives are already ruined. On a disgrace level, the renovation ranks somewhere below hazing scandals and not reporting known sex offenders and above positive steroid tests.

You know else needs to be cleaned up? That giant smiling bronze Joe Paterno statue outside the stadium. A bulldozer should do the trick. I’m not of the “he’s dead, leave him alone” persuasion.

Uh uh, girl. You know where that finger would be if this were a Sandusky statue…

3 thoughts on “Penn State Tries To Cleanse Image, Starts With Locker Rooms

  1. I’m glad you took my advice and are now writing more thought provoking articles like these. Well done! I’m a fan of this work.


    1. This is the fifth article I’ve written about Jerry Sandusky and Penn State. On the other hand, you’re delusional if you think a page with the word “GOSSIP” right in the domain name isn’t sometimes going to focus on celebrities.


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