‘Vlad Dracula’ Series Coming To Starz

So we have True Blood, Twilight, The Walking Dead, and Vampire Diaries but that’s not enough right? We need more shows focusing on the undead, and Starz knows it.

With the help of  writer J. Michael Straczynski (Thor, Changeling, He-Man), and horror/action producers Rob Tapert (The Evil Dead, American Gothic) and Roy Lee (The Strangers, The Ring) they are developing Vlad Dracula. 

The show will focus on Dracula’s age-old struggle, one faced by Pattinson’s Edward Cullen and Brad Pitt’s Louis of Interview With The Vampire – to eat piles and piles of humans, or not. 

Vlad: Prince of Wallachia, a real-life Romanian prince who died around 1476, faced leadership woes as well that inevitably led to the nickname “Vlad The Impaler.”

If only Kate Beckinsale and Hugh Jackman were there to keep things in order.

6 thoughts on “‘Vlad Dracula’ Series Coming To Starz

  1. Others bitch while some getterdone. Love your columns and who really knows when he died, where we around in the 14th Century? Even The Vampire Hunter on here is not sure if it was 1476 0r 1477, the importantce of this article had nothing to do with the date he died. Please make a note of that.


  2. Also you DO know there was Professor Abraham Van Helsing, an old but clever man who originally defeated Dracula in Stoker’s novel, right? Why make a snarky comment in regard to a version of Van Helsing so idiotic that no one liked it?


    1. Does ‘Because I felt like it’ suffice? This is a short article on a Starz series, not a complete history of Vlad The Impaler. I made a mistake, but how dare you insult the Oscar-winning classic that is Van Helsing!!??


      1. Without accuracy all we have are false records. Then the 4th of July, would be on the 3rd. Thank you Amanda, for clarifying the dates for the writer so she could write a better and more precises article. It is more people like you we need out there, holding us accountable for our mistakes.


  3. Vlad Dracula did not die in 1447. He was born in 1431. He did not die at age sixteen. He died in December f476, possibly early 1477 (his death was confirmed January 10th 1477. He was forty five years old, again, NOT sixteen. Please don’t turn Dracula into a teenager.


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