Romney Campaign Calls Obama A Hawaiian Stoner, Makes Him Sound Cool As F**k

Mitt Romney stand-in John Sununu insulted Obama’s senatorial state of Illinois and called him an Un-American “scoundrel” on Fox News. The fun doesn’t stop there. Sununu also said that “He has no idea how the American system functions. And we shouldn’t be surprised about that because he spent his early years in Hawaii smoking something…and another set of years in Indonesia.”

The thing is, he just made Barack sound cooler to the naive Democratic 15 to 40-something demographic. While Sununu surely made a few Romney supporters nod their heads in approval, the effect this has on liberals outweighs that.

I don’t know about you, but my defense mechanism just went haywire. I instantly find myself wanting to protect the man who I’ve felt let down by in the past four years…

Hey, he may not be perfect but he’s OUR Hawaiian stoner president. And we will vote for him again because Romney ties dogs to cars and is supported by people like Vince McMahon and Ted Nugent. 

Oh, I forgot Brad Pitt’s mom and Jeff Foxworthy. Winning.

5 thoughts on “Romney Campaign Calls Obama A Hawaiian Stoner, Makes Him Sound Cool As F**k

  1. Mitt Romney is fake as hell.,he’s a Pisces,all he want is fame and attention,and money to fullfill his fantasies.he doesn’t care about poor people, remember he wants attention and fame from the rich.,he never knew how it felt to be poor because he never been poor.,his wife and him had maids.Obama has a heart and know how it is to struggle.he says color has no name on it, he help everyone as soon as Romney win he’s gone help all the rich and make the poor struggle.I prey every night that he don’t win.,the only thing he talk about is rich paying taxes and taking away Foodstamps and said,he don’t care about people who have mental illnesses or cancer or aids or anything.,he just want everyone to work no matter wat.,for all the republicans who vote for him,wat if y’all ass get sick and need help,wat are y’all gone do if their is help from mitt Romney.all I can say I prey Obama win,I love him so much for the person he is today.


      1. Being stoned is nothing to joke about. I guarantee that most crimes are started from someone who is smoking pot, or who has smoked pot in their life. It is a gateway drug and don’t let any pot head try to convince you different. We can’t be careless and let stoner’s get away with it. They need to be sent to a prison camp where they are forced to get clean and do things that benefit society.


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