Funny Video: Mister Rogers Remixed

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a “funny video” so much as just an awesome video.

I used to watch old episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood at my grandma’s house, along with Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. Which is why me and my fellow 80’s-born brethren are smarter than the iCarly and Hannah Montana crowd. 

Just a fact, not meant to be condescending but if you watched things like Star Trek, The Last Unicorn, and Labyrinth as a child and didn’t have access to iPhones and the internet then you’re just bound to be more intelligent and possibly imaginative, as well.
Maybe just play “Garden Of Your Mind” for your kids in the car every day. I think it will have some impact… You can grow ideas, in the garden of your mind. It’s good to be curious, about many things.

Read this: 15 Things Everyone Should Know About Fred Rogers.

3 thoughts on “Funny Video: Mister Rogers Remixed

  1. Reblogged this on NARCISSISTA.ME and commented:
    This is pure magic and not just because Mr. Rogers is auto-tuned. The message is timeless and simple. I will play this for my son, my parents and my colleagues. What an underrated gem Mr. Rogers was.


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