Did Emma Watson Walk Off The Set Of Seth Rogen’s ‘The End Of The World?’

No, Emma Watson didn’t walk off the set of the upcoming film The End Of The World written by Seth Rogen and starring him, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jason Segel, Paul Rudd, and Michael Cera…

But SOMEBODY did. And I need help cracking the mystery of the primadonna actress. James Franco was conducting an interview with Mila Kunis when he told her:

“So a funny thing happened on this movie I’m doing down here in New Orleans that made me think of you. The movie is a comedy, but it’s kind of an outrageous one, and this actress – I won’t say who, but she had a smaller role in the film — walked off the movie in the middle of a scene.”

Mila asked if it was Seth Rogen’s movie, and he said “Yeah,” so it’s definitely The End Of The World. Apparently the young woman was disturbed by a scene and couldn’t handle it. But who was it?

The female cast besides Hermione (via IMDB) is as follows: Mindy Kaling, Rihanna (fresh off Battleship shame), Catherine Kim Poon, and stuntwoman Ashleigh Dejon.

Any ideas? I’d be very very surprised if it was The Office‘s Mindy Kaling.

10 thoughts on “Did Emma Watson Walk Off The Set Of Seth Rogen’s ‘The End Of The World?’

  1. Emma Watson has a fat enough bank account not to have to put up with crap. For the same reason you’d think she wouldn’t have to.


  2. There are only two famous female in this movie; Rihanna and Emma.
    I can’t imagin Rihanna walking off the set because it’s too raunchy so it must be emma.


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