Game Of Thrones Shotglasses!

I don’t know if overpriced television merchandise is interesting to anybody, but on the off-chance that somebody besides me finds these novelty shotglasses charming, here goes…

Like every other nerd in the world, I’m obsessed with Game Of Thrones and HBO is offering steins, coasters, mugs pint glasses and shotglasses with all my/your favorite house sigils and mottos from the show.

Baratheon, Greyjoy (TRAITOR), Targaryen (QUEEN OF DRAGONS!), Stark (WINTER IS COMING), Tyrell, and Lannister. 

$69.99 really is a bit too much for me, even if it is a set of seven. But, get your rich asses on this, somebody. Here’s a funny video bonus. Game of dragons and thrones and friends and stuff.

I’ll be there for you, Tyrion, Daenerys, and dead Ned, Renly and Lady the direwolf.

What do you think?

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