JoPa Bagged And Dragged Away In Chains

The husks of men otherwise known as the victims of Jerry Sandusky can breathe at least one sigh of relief.

That 900-pound bronze statue in front of Beaver Stadium of the now-deceased and formerly loved Joe Paterno has been taken down by forklift and moved to a “secure” storage location.

After his death on January 22, coach Paterno was honored by Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett, who said “His place in our state’s history is secure…”

But not that secure. I think I’m with Louis Freeh on this one, who used the words “total disregard” when referring to JoPa and other higher-ups at the college. 

No one should waste time wondering if Paterno is being “disrespected” post-mortem. He disrespected those boys during life when he knew and did nothing about Sandusky’s status as a child molester.

One thought on “JoPa Bagged And Dragged Away In Chains

  1. My Brother says that he was the best coach in College football for 50 years, still it was messed up of him to do nothing. I think the statue must be burned down.


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