Jermaine, Randy, Paris, and Janet Jackson Face Off

“What’s at stake here is a lot of money, by some accounts $500 million dollars, and people on the street lose their mind when they see a quarter on the ground so you can see how they might come apart a little bit.”

-Aisha Tyler on The Talk

Police were called Monday night after a fight erupted between several of Michael Jackson’s relatives when sister Janet and brothers Jermaine and Randy arrived at their niece and nephew’s compound.

They were reportedly trying to take Michael’s children (Paris, Blanket and Prince) to visit their 82-year-old grandmother Katherine, who was briefly considered “missing” after she left Calabasas, presumably to flee the drama. 

At the estate, Jermaine and Randy got into a physical dispute with Joe Jackson’s nephew, not long after Janet Jackson called Paris “a spoiled little bitch” and tried to snatch her cell phone out of her hands.

From reading Paris Jackson’s Twitter and all the news stories on the altercation, I think this more to do with Katherine disappearing than Michael’s fortune. Though she probably left because her children and husband are greedy bastards.

Katherine Jackson playing Uno with her daughter and great-grandson just two days after she was reported missing

Turns out, she was just in AZ playing cards with her daughter Rebbie. Smart Lady.

What do you think?

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