Director Compares Lindsay Lohan To Faye Dunaway, Rita Hayworth, And Shelley Winters

So, when I think of the word “blasphemy” I imagine some director comparing Lindsay Lohan to several highly respected classic actresses.

And that’s exactly what happened when Paul Schrader described her work in his new film The Canyons, which is about “the dangers of sexual obsession and ambition.”

From the movie’s Facebook page:

“Seven days in, first full week completed. Lindsay Lohan is a huge fan of Hollywood glamour and performances from the Golden Era. Working with her every day on varied scenes I’ve been making a mental checklist of classic movie performances she’s touched upon.” 

“There’s has been a lot of Ann Margaret, some Gena Rowlands and Faye Dunaway and of course some bits of Liz Taylor and Monroe as well as a little Rita Hayworth and even Gene Tierney (although the last may be more my creation than hers). Oh yeah, and Angie Dickinson. And Lee Remick. And Shelley Winters.”

The above photo of Lindsay falling asleep in the car after dining and drinking wine at Mr. Chow does make me think of Ann Margaret’s Seduced By Madness, Faye Dunaway in Ghosts Never Sleep and of course, Lee Remick in A Severed Head. But that’s unfairly based on titles alone.

Check this out in unforgettable gif format.

I feel like a lot of people defend Lindsay based on nothing more than some deep-seated instinct to go against the norm. Like, “she’s a really good actress and I have had no problems with her.” Except that she was late, fell asleep, couldn’t remember her lines, wasn’t convincing, and kinda resembled a wet possum in a wig.

What do you think?

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